Why Nail Art is so Popular?

Who said diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend? That is so over. Aside from
its breath-taking price, its not a convenient accessory. You cannot go
out, walk around the block and flaunt them jewels without being robbed
or worse, killed. Nowadays, the popularity of nail polish and nail art
has increased globally not only because of its aesthetic pleasure but
also it is a cheap, varying, and anti-robbers hand accessory. It could
beautify our hands and fingers as much as diamonds.

However, prior to 1920, nails beautification was a lot tedious yet
cheaper and natural. Nails were rubbed with abrasive powder to achieve
a shine and stains were used to add color. Charles Revson came about
the 1930’s and developed the first pigmented, opaque nail polish. He
gave birth to one of today’s hottest cosmetics company, Revlon.

Usually, colors are extracted organically which are selected from
expert-approved list of certified colors. However, this natural
extraction of pigment can negatively affect the manufacturers’ daily
quota and slows down production. And so most companies result to
inorganic pigments. This is allowed as long as it conforms to low heavy
metal content standards.
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