Why My Nails Turn Yellow?

What cause yellow nails?

Many factors contribute to your nails turning yellow. For example, if you don’t use a base coat to protect against a red polish, or maybe wearing polish for too long, depending on what color. That can turn your nails yellow. It could be an infection within your body that can turn your nails yellow, or over exposure to the sun and not having sunscreen on the nails. There are many different reasons why our nails can turn yellow. I would advise using a really good base coat, or even if you’re not going to wear color at least put a base or top coat on there to avoid over exposure to the sun.

How to prevent yellow nails ?

You can get rid of yellow nails by using a soft, coarse file because the nails are much stronger than the finger nails. You can file on the toenails more than you could on your natural nails, or take a light buffer and just buff the top of it until the yellow goes away and that toenail is thick enough where you’re able to apply that type of pressure on the nail bed. If you have a yellow finger nail, sometimes acetone will remove it or lightly buff the nail. Get into the habit of using a base coat to avoid having to file your nails at all.

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