Top Price and High Class Nail Products

“Fabulous darling, Fabulous!”
There’s nothing more fascinating and extremely glamorous than pimping out the ordinary and most common things around.

Surely we have heard about the Swarovski crystal studded mineral water bottle of Bling h20 which cost almost $10,000. I Love Diamonds created the most expensive dog collars embellished carats of diamonds on a dog accessory. These are just two of the most expensive things sold in the market. But have you ever imagined how it feels like to wear a $250 worth of nail polish and file your nails worth 39.950 Euros?
The teamwork of Allure magazine, platinum supplier Johnson Matthev, PGI and Essie Cosmetics gave birth to”I Do”, the most expensive nail polish on the market.

This sheer nail polish contains platinum which makes the nails shimmer and shine. Each bottle of “I Do” is sold for $250. The very first batch manufactured was placed in a special bottle made with a platinum top and base and is on display worth $55,000.

On the other hand, Amsterdam-based KOH Cosmetics, pioneer of luxury hand and nail products manufacturing, unveiled the world’s most elegant and exclusive 28-carat diamond-studded nail file.At the “Millionaire’s Fair”, the cosmetics company proudly unveiled the “KOH Diamond Nail File” peerless in grace, beauty and sophistication. Definitely, this is “the most exclusive nail file in the world” and is considered one of the world’s most unique and luxurious collectors’ item. This one of a kind nail file is crafted with traditional techniques and flawless settings by the Netherlands’ Coster Diamonds. Over a thousand “Top Wesselton” brilliant cut diamonds, reaching more than 28-carats, are set into an 18 carat white gold hand grip, giving the nail file an aura of shimmering majesty.

The “Diamond Nail File” is just the first in a new line of socially conscious must-have luxury items for the world’s most elite consumers. Each priced Euros 39.950, Koh Cosmetics has pledged all proceeds from its’ sales to help support HIV infected pregnant women in Africa.

Nevertheless, beauty can always be achieved without the extreme expenditure. These products are just here to amaze us, stun us and makes us see that even the littlest of things deserves a royal treatment.
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