The New Nail Polish Trend

Year 2009 is definitely the year to shine! This year, expect your nails to be a canvas for bold colors and fresh, original nail artworks.

The white-painted oval nail is a mod look perfect for 2009’s nautical summer forecast and year-round ‘50s-inspired style. Trim the nail into an almond shape then apply a base coat, two coats of white enamel and a final topcoat for shine.Distressed nail colors are also in this year, great for do-it-yourself nail makeovers. This matches pastel-colored outfits that are expected to be the rage this year. Just file the nail clean, buff for natural shine, and coat.

Another trend is the profusion of rich, patent leather. Amp your look with high-shine – luscious colors in reds, wine and purple. Shine to the hilt is the rule.Use shades with eye-popping richness in blue, yellow, orange, fuchsia and purple in marble or those with velvety textures. Basic primary colors in bold, bold blends are also up-to-the-minute choices.

Finally, 2009 is the year to get out of your shell. Experiment and create a nail-care trend yourself by mixing all those great colors and textures together. Go for the look of precious stones (with flashes of purple and reds), bare-naked (whites with golden tints and lots of topcoats) or mirror ball (pull in all that glitter and shine).

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