The Future of Nail Design

Isn’t it amazing how technology makes life so easy for us? And what’s more remarkable is how it enhances nature, its beauty, and ends up producing a jaw dropping work of art.
It is a fact that beauty and technology have been long-time partners. We have heard of its relentless help in cosmetics, hair and body care. Now, here comes the newest member of the family—digital nail art.

Digital nail art is the quickest and most advance process of acquiring nail art. From the simple French Tip to the Mona Lisa, just point and click. Although the process sounds dangerous, considering your hand is placed inside a printer (this is no ordinary document printer like Epson or HP), it can do all your fingernails in at most 15 minutes. It can also do toenails.

I have seen several samples of these computer-printed designs in and it is really impressive. You can stamp different designs per nail and have it as detailed as you desired. You can even have the complete set of the spectrum at your fingertips.

According to the Nail Art Machines website, the process still requires the standard procedure of manicure or pedicure. The attendant should clean the nails, trim it, and remove the cuticle and clear the rough edges with a nail file.

Then, a thick coat of white nail polish is applied—this would serve as a base for the design which they ( claim to have a rather enhancing effect. But this is optional. The client could prefer a more natural look.

Afterwards, the fingers are placed in a slot; with molds securing each finger which also inserts the hand into the machine. This is at a considerable distance folks! Your hand wouldn’t be chopped off. Besides, there are tiny air brushes inside; obviously, air brush technique is used. It takes about 10 seconds to print a design on a single nail; well I guess that would depend on its length.

The product boasts of its accuracy as they claim that the printer creates clean polish all the time.

Its durability, on the other hand, depends on the person. It is advised to varnish it moderately especially the tips. With that, it is guaranteed to last about 2 weeks or more.

However, its cost I believe varies from what country you live in and the availability of the printer. Here in the Philippines, there’s a continuum growth of digital nail art salons. The competition is stiff between the traditional and digital.

Also, I found out in my research that the pioneer nail art printer (Nail Art Printer LTD.) have established a franchise marketing company here called Nail Art Philippines. Those interested could go here…hahaha Joke.

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