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Here is what one of our valuable members (Alicia Felix) have to say out this website.  Believe it or not as creators of this website, it is extremely wonderful to have come across this discussion. We feel that our works serve a purpose int his small world.  The feeling is surreal and profoundly encouraging. As of for now, enjoy the rest of this discussion and feel free to carry it on.

“I want to take a little of your time to express myself in this discussion So, I wake up every morning and head straight to my computer to check my account. Does anyone have this addiction? I love looking at others work and I love posting my work and mostly everyone here is so friendly and nice to each other! Everyday I get on myspace encouraging girls to get booked with me that way I can take new pictures and post them here to give people ideas! I just love nails and not only see it as a way to enhance your nail strength and length but I also see it as a form of expression. People here where I live only see it as “Oh I got my nails done at a salon, Im taking them off tomorrow” but I see it as my passion and Im so thankful this website was made. Ive looked up other nail websites but they just dont seem the same as this one.”

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