Inspirational Nail Tech Stories

Once in a while we randomly select nail techs from all over the world to do a short interview with them.  We want to them to share with us our success and experience.  The following nail techs were kind enough to take some times out of there busy schedule and share with us their passions.  Check them out and see what you think.

Alana Pilar – A Nail Tech with a great sense of Positivity
For the up coming summer of 2010, I would like to bring you a short story of an artist who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her name is Alana Pil

Inside a Nail Tech’s Life – Shelly Nguyen
All About Shelly NguyenWhat we have here is a story about a hard working Nail tech who loves her work and enjoy every bit of it. Her love f…

A Nail Tech from California – Elizabeth Lemus
Nail Tech In the Spotlight – Elizabeth Lemus Liz has been with the website for a while, and her work is well recognized by members at this…

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