How to Have Healthy Nails



Take a Biotin Supplement – Biotin thickens nails and reduces splitting.

2.5 milligrams/day is recommended. Eating foods rich in Zinc and Iron can also nourish nails. Think poultry, nuts, and whole grains, beans, lean red meat, and fortified cereals.


Avoid Acetone based products. Acetone dehydrates nails, instead try using a milder product such as Cutex Quick & Gentle Protein Enriched Nail Polish Remover.


Apply Hand Cream Faithfully. Slather hands with moisturizer at least three times per day.


Take Care of Your Cuticles. Cuticles protect the root of the nail from infection. Don’t clip them away. To manage cuticles gently push back with a towel after soaking or showering when skin is softest. Also apply a cuticle cream or oil daily to help prevent hang nails.


Clean Your Tools. Disinfect metal tools with soap and water after each manicure or pedicure and toss emery boards after several uses.


Clip with Caution. Cut toenails straight across to prevent ingrown nails.


File the right shape. The healthiest is a squared off oval. Very square nails are likely to snag and tear at the corners, and rounded ones are prone to splitting.


Use Ridge Filler. Not only will polish look smoother, it will stay on longer.


Steer clear of toluene and formaldehyde. These ingredients can dry out the nail.


Fix a chip. Use a Buffer to smooth the chip, then touch up with color and let dry and apply a top coat to the entire nail.


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