How to care for a new set of acrylic nails

Having a new set of nails put on is very nice and sexy; you have to know how to take care of them in order for them to continues to stay good. After getting your new nails done you should be extra careful on what you do in your daily chores.

Be caution when you carry heavy bags and open or closing doors; paying extra attention to these minor details will save you from a lot pain if your nails happen to break. Numerous people have crazy accidents with their fake nails breaking off and pulling their real nails with it. You would not want this to happen to you, so just be careful on what you do.

After having your acrylic nails for a several days observe for any “lifting” on your nails. Lifting is when your acrylic nails peel off a little on the edges. The degree of lifting is based on what you do with your nails. If you do a lot of chores with your nails, you will see more lifting than usual. Exposing your nails to excessive usage of water will lead to lifting.

You can fix the little lifting at home by using some super glue to seal them up, and use a buffer to smooth out any rugged edges. If the lifting space is big, it is recommend for you to go and get a fill. A fill is required after you get your nails for 1 and a 1/2 to 2 weeks of time. If you wait any longer than this recommended time, you will find yourself in a lot more troubles.

Having your nails done is always fun and exciting just be attentive on the things that you will do after you get your nails done.

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