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How long should I get my fake nails?

How long you want to keep your fake nails is all up to you, but take into the consideration of the following factors: functionality, price, fashion, and time.

Some people like to get their nails long because to them the longer the prettier. When you have long nails it can make your hands look really nice, but it can also extremely hard to do regular things you normally do. People go have long nails are the ones that have been wearing them for a while and they are used to get things done with them. Having long nails require a lot of work to maintain its beauty. Long nails are vulnerable to breaks or cracks and repair them or putting new one could be more expensive them short nails. Long nails are perfect for putting on nails designs. It give the nails tech more room space to work on than short nails. The bottom line is, if you have the money to put them on and the time to take care of it there should be no problem with getting them on.

Short nails are for ladies that want to make their hands look nice and be able to perform the normal task that they often do without the fake nails. Having short nails will save some money because the longer you get your fake nails the more you have to pay.

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    1. Nail Health – The Long and Short of It

      It takes two weeks for your finger nail to grow 1/16 of an inch! Nail growth is accelerated in the summertime and you may have noticed the nails on your dominate hand (the one you write with) grow faster than those on your other hand. New growth begins from the cells under the cuticle.

      The nail itself is virtually colorless but gets a rosey hue from the blood flowing just beneath it. This transparent tip of the finger is actually fragile in its health and can be best protected by treating it more gingerly than most of us currently do. For example, instead of hammering out a phone number on your keypad with your fingernail – use a pencil instead.

      Also, wear rubber gloves as much as possible when cleaning or submersing your hands in water, as the constant soaking and drying of nails causes them to weaken. Also, chemicals used in cleaning products can cause nails to weaken, thus we end up with splitting, chipping, weak nails.

      Many people load up on nail polishes and “strengtheners” thinking they are encouraging faster growth and nail health, however most nail cosmetics are fully of chemicals which actually do more harm than good. A good nail strengthener can be used to provide added protection, however its most healthy to just let your nails be natural at least 1-3 months so they can grow out on their own.

      Using a glass nail file is one of the best ways to grow long, strong, healthy nails. Emery boards actually tear the nail as they file. A good glass or crystal file actually seals the nail as it more smoothly glides across the nail. There is minimal harshness when filing with a glass or crystal file.
      Check out Top Notch Nail Files for the latest designs in crystal files.
      Be careful when cleaning under your nails. Choose a crystal file or sealed wood orange stick and do not dig out the dirt deep under the file. Use a nail brush to clean dirt and when you have to remove additional dirt from the under the nail, do so with extreme care so as not to break the skin under the nail. Doing so will cause the nail to weaken and this is another reason why nails split or chip, especially on the sides.

      Calcium, magnesium, B Vitamins and minerals promote healthy, natural nail growth.

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