How long should I get my fake nails?

How long you want to keep your fake nails is all up to you, but take into the consideration of the following factors: functionality, price, fashion, and time.

Some people like to get their nails long because to them the longer the prettier. When you have long nails it can make your hands look really nice, but it can also extremely hard to do regular things you normally do. People go have long nails are the ones that have been wearing them for a while and they are used to get things done with them. Having long nails require a lot of work to maintain its beauty. Long nails are vulnerable to breaks or cracks and repair them or putting new one could be more expensive them short nails. Long nails are perfect for putting on nails designs. It give the nails tech more room space to work on than short nails. The bottom line is, if you have the money to put them on and the time to take care of it there should be no problem with getting them on.

Short nails are for ladies that want to make their hands look nice and be able to perform the normal task that they often do without the fake nails. Having short nails will save some money because the longer you get your fake nails the more you have to pay.

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