Environmental Friendly Salon in West Hollywood

By now, you are probably threatened by the poisonous controversy of nail products. And by now, you might as well be scared to stay longer inside salons in fear of inhaling too much toxic fumes.  What if I tell you that there exists a salon in Los Angeles wherein you can sit and breathe as long as you want without fretting about your health?

Recess Nail Spa is a revolutionary salon strictly designed in accordance to the standards set by Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) provided by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC is primarily established for to provide builders and business owners with the essential information in creating healthy commercial interiors.

Located in West Hollywood, LA, Recess Nail Spa is no similar to conventional salons. Its dedication in providing clients with a healthy and pro-green environment that soothes even the most tensed hands and feet.  Installed with the latest and finest medical grade sanitation equipments, this eco salon boasts of serving top notch performance. They integrated customized tools for secured sanitation.

Starting with the basics, Recess allots each client of their own set of files, buffers and toe separators. Towels used are made of a bamboo/cotton fabric. This fabric is said to be naturally anti-microbial. The salon uses pedicure basin liners for every foot treatments.  They process these tools using a device called autoclaves. It uses pressure to raise the temperature of the already boiling water to a degree that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.  All of products used by Recess are either organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and all around healthy ingredients.

Moreover, they introduced an innovative concept of customized manicures and pedicures. Technicians follow a strict standard operating procedure of primarily inspecting a client’s hands and feet. This way, they’ll be able to recommend a suitable treatment for your skin type and overall nail condition.  Recess also installed an organic product bar in the center of the spa. This bar holds all safe skin and nail care products such as lotions, nail polishes from both prestigious manufacturers Essie and OPI’s non toxic editions.

Most of the salon’s equipment are Energy Star rated. This means lesser energy consumption.  And the best part is, Recess charge inexpensively. As an introductory offer, the manicure and pedicure package costs for as low as $50.  Change is definitely in the air in America and so do you! Change your nail care lifestyle and be pampered like nothing else.

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