Cool Tips on Maintaining Beautiful Black Nails

As scary or untidy as it looks, black nail polish is a classic and undying polish next to red. Gone are the days when black is considered as the color of mourn and death. In today’s high fashion culture, black is the symbol of sophistication and class. A cute black dress was never voted out and is a must-have wardrobe like panties. It suits any occasion and any party. You can go straight from a red carpet event to a near by bar. Black nails are a standard not only to rockstars but also to those who wanted an edgy look. However, there are some complications regarding this polish. One is its difficuly to maintain. Some products are easily torn by simple process of hand wash. And when that occurs, the polish chips off exposing your natural nails. Now you’re fingers become a dalmatian’s fur.
Also, there are some polish that are thick and sticky even at first try. I personally have encountered some products (and I bought them from a local beauty shop) that are so difficult to apply. Mostly, these sticky polishes have a high gloss content which sort off explains the thickness.  If you love black polish as I do, here are the secrets in application and maintainance that I discovered after several trials.

First, before you grab and pay for any polish you see on the shelf, it won’t hurt if you open one and try it. Of course, don’t open those that are sealed or else the sales lady and guard will pull you by the hair. The standard operation of shaking the bottle or batting it on your palm could also help determine its flow. Those thick polishes are obviously not ideal. It tends to splat on nails and surface tension is rough.

Second, when applying black polish, start from one side of the nail plate–either left to right or right to left. However, its not necessary to exactly cover the part of the nail nearing the skin. At the first brush, scoop a generous amount of paint on to your nails. You could apply much more as long as your not on the edges. Let the first coat dry before applying the next. Save time apply the first layer on each nail first then go over it again afterwards.

Actually, two layers of polish is good enough for black. If you’re an expert with the sticky ones, one layer is ok. It’s best to apply a clear coat polish to seal the polish. Not only does it add luster but it also prolongs the life of your polish.  The real secret to elongating your polish’ life on your nails is to have them dried before applying the next.  Although it is unavoidable, try not to thoroughly scrub your nails whenever washing your hands or taking a bath. Don’t use a scrubber on your hands and don’t focus the water flow on to your nails.

Lastly, when you noticed that a nail starts to shed off that polish, don’t think twice, strip it with a remover. You don’t want to be seen with a spotted nails. Black nail polish tends to make your hands look all the more dirty when you let it rip by itself.  Whether you’re using black or not, always clean the underneath of your nails. Sometimes, polishes can be dirt magnets.

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