Acrylic Nails History

1970 It’s the age of the artificial nail! Acrylic nails look and feel real, but are much stronger. The square nail evolves. At that time the “glue on acrylic nails” where the only thing invented, after time came the process of Liquid and Powder mixing. This idea came from dentists who used acrylic to make false teeth. The dentists used, Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA) an agent in acylic. It was deemed hazardous by the FDA in the use of acrylic nails, ‘only’. The Nail Industry then produced a new product, (IMA) legal to use in acrylic nails.. By 1978 nails are very long and are worn mainly by the rich. Artificial nails that cover the entire nail bed are available, including the Eye-Lure Nails brand. These nails are inserted under a lifted cuticle to make them look as if the grow out of the finger. Glue holds them on, but not for long. These can be worn just for special occasions because any contact with water dissolves the glue. While some women in the United States enjoy artificial extensions, they are still unthought of for many.

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